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Jitsugyo No Nihon Sha,Ltd. Bookmark

Croak! Mysterious Frogs of the World

Open for Visual Adaption
Ukichi Kurokawa(Author)/ Takeshi Ebinuma(supervising editor)

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I was thrilled by the cuteness of it. ......! A lot of people are saying, "It's so cute!
A university student's graduation project, a frog illustrated book, is now a book!

In May 2016, a company employee living in Kobe uploaded on Twitter an illustrated book of frogs that he had made as his graduation project.
The response was immediate: "I want this! Where can I buy it? The book was so well received that it was featured on the Internet news and on TV.
We are pleased to announce the release of this 128-page, all-color book with many newly illustrations and columns.
Familiar but mysterious. Please take a look at the 52 species of adorable frogs with rich personalities.

Author’s Information

Kurokawa: Illustrator living in Kobe and working mainly in Hyogo and Osaka. A lover of reptiles and amphibians, he has created many frog illustrations and frog goods. At an art event, he exhibited a frog illustrated book that he created for his graduation project at university, and was inundated with people who wanted to purchase it.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Dec 2016
Price ¥1,679
Size 182mm×257mm
Total Page Number 128 pages
Color Page Number 128 pages
ISBN 978-4-408-45616-4
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO