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Kinmokuseisya Bookmark

Cat Sounds

Open for Visual Adaption
Yumi Nishikata

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"Crunch Crunch"
“Rustle Rustle"
“Scratch Scratch"

I can hear you, your “sounds”.
These are the signs of your presence and warmth.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is the first picture book by Yumi Nishikata, a pencil artist specializing in cats.
Her first art book “Tarakuro, Rescued Cats, Local Cats - Yumi Nishikata Pencil Art Book” has been featured widely through the media such as through television, newspapers. She has also attracted attention on such SNS platforms as Twitter and Instagram. This is the first picture book by Yumi Nishikata, a pencil artist specializing in cats.

In accordance with the author's intention to donate to sheltered cats through the sale of goods, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to an organization that works toward putting an end to cats being euthanized.

Size: 175mm×175mm

Author’s Information

Illustrations by Yumi Nishikata
Pencil artist who only draws cats.
After the death of her beloved cat Tarako, who lived with her for many years, she began to draw pictures of Tarako and Tarako's kitten, Kuro, using only pencils. In addition to Tarakuro (Tarako and Kuro), she also draws local cats living nearby and rescued cats she encounters, with fine brush strokes. Her works have become a hot topic on Twitter and Instagram. She currently lives with a rescued cat, Chabi, who is the model for this book.

Twitter @tarakuro510
Instagram @yumi_nishikata96
Website https://yumizm2.wixsite.com/website

Series/Label ---
Released Date Feb 2023
Price ¥1,400
Size ---
Total Page Number 28 pages
Color Page Number 28 pages
ISBN 9784909095329
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO