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Train Your Jiatama, Basic Thinking Skills

Isao Hosoya

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A big seller with more than 260,000 copies* in 25 editions, with repeated reprints since its publication in 2007! This book is a classic for learning Fermi Estimation, which is essential for improving business thinking skills.
*Including electronic version and audiobook version

Real smartness, or "Jiatama," is the ability to think, which is the basis of any problem-solving process. This book will help you develop the ability to think "simple" from the "conclusion" and the "whole" using "Fermi Estimation," which is the standard for interview questions.

Chapter 1: What is "Jiatama"?
Chapter 2: What is "Fermi Estimation"?
Chapter 3: How to train Jiatama with Fermi Estimation
Chapter 4: How to Apply Fermi Estimation to Business
Chapter 5: Thinking from the Conclusion: Hypothetical Thinking Skills
Chapter 6: Thinking from the Whole: Framework Thinking Skills
Chapter 7: Thinking Simply: Abstraction Thinking Skills
Chapter 8: The Base of Jiatama
Chapter 9: To further develop Jiatama

Author’s Information

Isao Hosoya

Isao Hosoya is a business consultant. After working for Toshiba Corporation, he engaged in business reform consulting at Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini, and other U.S., French, and Japanese consulting firms. In recent years, he has been giving lectures and seminars on problem-solving and thinking skills to companies, various organizations, and universities in Japan and abroad. His major publications include "Analogy Thinking" and "The Problem-Solving Dilemma" (Toyo Keizai Inc.).

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Series/Label ---
Released Date Dec 2007
Price ¥1,600
Size ---
Total Page Number 232 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784492555989
Category Business/Economics/Law
Visualization experience NO