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Wrong Order Restaurants

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June 2017.
There was a restaurant that was the talk of the town not only in Japan but around the world.
restaurant that made headlines not only in Japan but around the world.

The name of the restaurant is "Misordering Restaurant.

The restaurant serves "people with dementia.
We accept the fact that we make mistakes.
and enjoy making mistakes together.
The story of this strange and warm restaurant
This book is a collection of the stories of this strange and warm restaurant.

In Part I, we will tell you a story that really happened at the restaurant.
Part I is a story that really happened at the restaurant, and Part II is the story that started this project.
Part II is a commentary by Shiro Oguni, the initiator of this project, as well as
Shiro Oguni, the founder of this project, and his thoughts on the restaurant are included in Part II.
and his thoughts on the restaurant.

I forgot, I made a mistake, but it's OK.

Author’s Information

Founder of "The Wrong Order Restaurant
Director of a television station.
Born in 1979. After graduating from Tohoku University, joined a TV station in 2003.
In 2013, he developed ventricular tachycardia.
He really loves making TV programs and has put considerable energy into it.
However, he had to give it up, and for a while he was quite distressed and depressed.
However, with the mission of "sucking up the value that TV stations have and giving it back to society
With this mission in mind, he launched a number of projects.
He launched a number of projects.
He eventually became recognized within the station as a funny director who never made TV programs at all.
and eventually a dedicated department was formed.
Eventually, a special department was created for him.
The idea for "The Wrong Order Restaurant" came to him during an interview.
His favorite foods are hamburgers and curry.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Nov 2017
Price ¥1,400
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 239 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784866670294
Genre Business > Business/Management/Self-help
Visualization experience NO