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Constructed Buddhist Thought: Kakuban - The Realization of Attaining Buddhahood in This Very Life by the Saint of Inner Contemplation

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Kakuban (1095-1144) was a founder of Shingon Buddhism in the late Heian period and the originator of the New Doctrine Shingon sect. He formulated the 'Mitsugon Pure Land' philosophy, which integrated the Pure Land ideology that flourished in the late Heian period into Shingon teachings, culminating in the 'Esoteric Pure Land'. He stated that Amitabha Buddha, who resides in the Western Pure Land, was born from Dainichi Nyorai, the Buddha that possesses all Buddha virtues. Kakuban's philosophy, which is very important in studying Japanese esoteric Buddhism, hasn't been thoroughly explained for general students until now. This is the first introductory book to understand the life and teachings of Kakuban, who also propagated the Five-ringed Pagoda in Japan and is the author of "Gorin Kujimyo Himitsu Shaku".

Author’s Information

Shiraishi Ryoukai
Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1948. Graduated from Chuo University and completed the doctoral program at Taisho University before studying abroad at the University of Delhi where he received Ph.D. His fields of expertise are Indian philosophy and Buddhist studies. He is a guiding professor at the Institute for Contemporary Religious Education at the Shingon Toyama School's Comprehensive Research Institute and the chief priest of Shousei-ji. His publications and translations include "Walking Buddha: The Path from Birth to Nirvana", "Buddha: The Journey of the Southern Transmission", "The World of the Vimalakirti Sutra" (all published by Kodansha), "India: Living with Death", "India: Living with Reincarnation" (both published by Akashi Shoten), "Passion for Becoming a Buddha in This Very Life: The Biography of Jouben Shonin" and "A Study of Gohoukujinmyouhimitsushaku" (both translations, published by Nonbura).

Series/Label Constructed Buddhist Thought
Released Date Dec 2021
Price ¥1,600
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 204 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784333028603
Genre Nonfiction / Humanities > Culture/Religion
Visualization experience NO