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The Wicked Foods

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A unique food essay by Akane Chihaya, Naoki Prize-winning author for 2023. In this age of "good food" information flooding the market, this ambitious work explores the depth of food through the pursuit of "bad" food, and by extension, questions the very way of life itself. Many illustrations by popular illustrator Heisuke Kitazawa are also included.

- Okaka Gohan: The relationship between rice and identity experienced during my time in Africa.
- "Good" Food: A story about choosing a healthy menu at a trendy café and becoming "bird food".
- Throwing Bread: The shocking eating scene in the movie "Gladiator".
- Traveling Alone: A memory of Onomichi, where I was supposed to eat up but was "eaten".

Rave reviews
Chihaya is a fashionable lady on the outside but an eccentric old man on the inside. What she thinks is normal based on herself is usually strange. One day, with a straight face, she said, "I don't know how to write an essay. ...... What is she talking about, after writing such a great works? Akane Chihaya is still strange. -- Yuka Murayama

The food, written with humorous venom and love, is surprisingly fascinating. Akane Chihaya's essays turn even ordinary meals into special bites. -- Rio Shimamoto

Three works have been published in the series. The first one is "The Wicked Foods" the second one is "The More Wicked Foods", and the third one is "The Wicked Foods Again".

Author’s Information


Series/Label The Wicked Foods
Released Date Dec 2018
Price ¥1,400
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 208 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784834253252
Genre Literature / Novel > Others
Visualization experience NO