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K&M Kikakushitsu Ltd.

NONBIRI Yoga (A picture book for the most leisurely enjoyment of Yoga in the world)


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This is an instructional guide in picture book-style written by Yoga instructor MARIE, who has a reputation for helping you make a slim and healthy body for yourself, centering on pelvis adjustment. In this book, she explains Yoga with her own drawings and texts, in the hope that you will enjoy Yoga every day with a light and happy heart. This is a small handbook in hard-cover, and characterized by simple organization, recommended for beginners, people who are thinking of starting Yoga, and those who want to take online classes or do Yoga at home. When you master the 6 types of Pre-Yoga exercises and the 22 types of basic Yoga poses listed here, and, most important, when you continue to do them every day, it improves your blood flow and makes your body supple. Yoga may ease your stiff shoulders, and also improve your internal organs and joint movements. Get the message? Let's do Yoga whenever and wherever you think of it! And then you’ll enjoy lots of healthy days!

MARIE hopes people will feel the same healing effects from seeing this book practically as much as doing yoga itself. So, MARIE is particular about drawing the pictures and creating the cover. You can just look at the pictures or use the book as an interior decoration. We’d be very happy if you displayed it in your living room as a stylishly visual mini-book which just makes you feel better. Of course, you could try mastering the Yoga poses and then use them to improve your health. This book simply focuses the explanation of Yoga for you as an exercise, and does not include any theories or philosophy, so it is suitable as a gift for someone who doesn’t get enough exercise.

【Table of contents】
■A Message from MARIE
If you’re busy every day…
If you think “Yoga is a difficult exercise”…
If you think you’ve got “no time to do Yoga”…
Or “my body is too inflexible to do Yoga”…
Then this is the book for you!

■Pre-Yoga: Warm-up exercises before starting Yoga
1)Pre-Yoga, little by little, do a leisurely stretch 1
*Daruma is a Japanese doll whose main feature is that it has a round body and no limbs. You put it on a shelf in your room to make your wish come true.

2) Pre-Yoga, little by little, do a slow stretch 2< Releasing the scapula / Stretching the side of your body>

3) Pre-Yoga, little by little, do a gentle stretch 3< Walking on your buttocks) / Stretching your groin>

■22 Beginner-Friendly Poses
1. Dead Bug Pose
2. & 3. Seated Forward Bend Pose / Bound Angle Pose
4. Half Lord of the Fishers Pose or Seated Twist Pose
5. Gate Pose
6. Thread the Needle Pose  
7. Child’s Pose
8. Yoga Mudra
9. Locust Pose
10. Cobra Pose
11. Plank Pose
12. Bow Pose
13. Pyramid Pose
14. Triangle Pose
15. Revolved Triangle Pose
16. Half Moon Pose
17. Rabbit Pose
18. Fish Pose
19. Bridge Pose
20. Plow Pose
21. Supine Spinal Twist Pose
22. Corpse Pose

■A Message from MARIE
Can you imagine MARIE's "NONBIRI Yoga"?

Author’s Information

Yoga instructor. Born in Tokyo in1987. After graduating from Gakushuin University with a degree in economics she was certified as a Yoga instructor by the NPO Japan Preventive Medicine Medical Technique Association. Since 2011, she has been conducting Yoga classes in a popular gym in Tokyo. A total of more than 10,000 people in a year have taken lessons from her in the gym. She also gives private lessons and does classes for company employees. She has a reputation for helping to build a slim and healthy body, centering on pelvis adjustment. In 2020, started doing on-line lessons. On her Instagram pages(marie_non_kotsu_healing), she uploads her four-frame comic strips to introduce hints for living healthy life and for healing, mainly about Yoga.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Mar 2021
Price ¥1,500
Size ---
Total Page Number 48 pages
Color Page Number 48 pages
ISBN 9784909950031
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO