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Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha

KOUTEI NO TSUCHI TO HATAKE NO TSUCHI HA DOU CHIGAU (What is the difference between the soil of schoolyard and fields?)

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A scientific research begins with a discovery of "SEEDs of science", the seeds as a sense of wonder that caused by something around.
What is important is to getting enjoy at the image of cultivating the SEEDs of science, I.e.Sense of Eureka as a making research toward as learning of scientific researching by making a hypothesis with deeply thinking over subjects, and confirming by doing experiments or observations.
You can be master the way to research scientifically the wonder in natures with these an easy-to-follow this story book for children how to be proactive to move a research themed in the field of science!

The last book in this series themed field of the Earth.
Why is it rare to see grass in a schoolyard, even weeds often grow easily on a flowerbed or a field?
There are three kids who wonder the difference in soils during weeding.
To compare scientifically the difference of the subjective index as hardness and softness of a soil, they design the original index by "a chopstick-for-hardness-measurement", and starts investigation of the hardness and more about the difference of soils, samples collected from the school yard, a field and a woods.
They set experiments with some hypothesis, ask about the results an expert by a letter and visit the national science museum for reference, where displaying samples of layers of many soils, called monolith.
Innovative series of books to learn how to do research in science!
You can also see the points to take samples of soil or fallen leaves and how to take a field note at an outdoor observation.

Author’s Information


Series/Label KAGAKU NO TANE WO SODATEYOU (Let's cultivate the seeds of science)
Released Date Dec 2018
Price ¥2,400
Size ---
Total Page Number 48 pages
Color Page Number 48 pages
ISBN 9784879816535
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO