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Froebel-kan co.,ltd.

A Tail, A Tail, My Tail

Open for Visual Adaption
KISO Hideo

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The story begins to blossom as the main character Mouse imagines, “If my tail were longer, I would be able to do so much more…” In this pop-up picture book, Mouse’s long tail is made of rubber and runs through the center of the book. The tail is likened to a thread that attaches to Hippo’s bad tooth to help pull it out. Then, the long tail is likened to a railroad crossing bar that stops cars for the slow-walking Sheep, and many other things. Mouse uses his long tail to help a variety of other animals, including Alligator, Giraffe, Pig, and Rabbit. Although simple, the book can be enjoyed again and again without growing tired of it due to its innovative structure. As the tail is made of rubber, it can be pulled and stretched! Then, when the page is turned, it pops back into place!
The tail is firmly attached to the picture book, so children can pull on it as hard as they want! It’s fun to read and fun to play with! This book will satisfy both children and adults.

Author’s Information

Born in Osaka in 1930. Won the 1st Japan Cartoonists Association Effort Award and the 3rd Kenbuchi Picture Book Village Bibakarasu Award. Shippo Shippo Shippoppo (Froebel-Kan) placed at the 46th Japan Book Design Awards (sponsored by the Japan Book Publishers Association). Has worked on numerous books fun for children, such as pop-up picture books with cut-outs that alter the illustrations as the pages are turned. Works include Maho no Camera, Niramekko!, Atsui!, Zo-san no Fushigi na Boshi (the aforementioned published by Froebel-Kan.), and many more.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Mar 2011
Price ¥1,000
Size ---
Total Page Number 24 pages
Color Page Number 24 pages
ISBN 9784577038222
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO