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Kinmokuseisya Bookmark

Who am I ? - Familiar bugs

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[A new type of picture book that shows close-up bug faces and lets you guess which bugs they are!]

Do you know what the faces of bugs look like?
Even those familiar bugs may look very scary or handsome, or may have many eyes when you only look at their faces. You will discover a lot of things.

In this book we have collected those bugs we often come across.
(Ladybugs, pill bugs, crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, butterflies, and dragonflies are presented.)


This is a picture book produced by a married couple based in Hyogo prefecture (the husband is a painter, and the wife is a professor teaching about children’s literature), in the hope that this book will open up the opportunity for children to become interested in the nature and start interacting with it.
It is designed to feel close to bugs and the nature while playing, and at the same time to learn the biology of bugs. The close-up bug faces drawn in detail are humorous or grotesque at times, and never fail to make us surprised to know how the faces of those bugs actually look. When you come across a real-life bug next time, you will definitely feel like getting closer and peeking into its face.
From children around 2 or 3 years old up to adults could enjoy this book.

Size: 210mm×200mm

Author’s Information

Text by Ikuko Yokota
Professor at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University (department of child education in the faculty of education). Worked as a teacher or the principal at public kindergartens for 38 years.

Illustrations by Kyogo Yokota
Chairperson of Tatsuno City Council of Social Welfare, Hyogo prefecture. Member (at the paintings division), councilor, judge, and manager of the Hyogo branch of Sankikai Association, a national association for open participation art. Member of Japan Artist Association. Graduated from the faculty of law at Kwansei Gakuin University.

Series/Label "Who am I ?" series
Released Date May 2022
Price ¥1,500
Size ---
Total Page Number 32 pages
Color Page Number 32 pages
ISBN 9784909095237
Genre Children's Books > Picture Books
Visualization experience NO