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Enjoyable both as a novel and as an artbook
The Maiden’s Bookshelf Series

Masterpieces written by literary giants meet popular illustrators.
The Maiden’s Bookshelf series is a completely new genre of collaboration brought to life with entirely original artwork.

A Brute’s Love

The 28th volume in the popular Maiden's Bookshelf series is a collaboration between the great writer Rampo Edogawa and the illustrator Yogisya!
This fascinating book can be enjoyed as both a novel and an art book. All illustrations are newly drawn.

"It is a love that is not human, a love that is out of this world."

She has been married to a beautiful man for about 6 months. One day she noticed her husband's strange behavior and followed him to .......

Rampo Edogawa's masterpiece has captured the hearts of many with its beautiful words that evoke a sense of nostalgia. In this series, the illustrator Yogisya who also created the artwork for Junichiro Tanizaki's The Tattooer and Ango Sakaguchi's Yonagahime to Mimio (Yonaga Princess & The Long-Eared Man) will draw the illustrations to accompany Rampo's novel.

The Maiden’s Bookshelf series is a true gem of a collaboration that blends classic literature with beautiful contemporary illustrations.

“I want to display this on my bookshelf.” “I want to gift this to that special someone.” Every volume in The Maiden's Bookshelf series is sure to make you want to feel this way.

Author, Rampo Edogawa:

A Japanese mystery novelist. Born 1894 in Mie Prefecture. Graduate of Waseda University. Worked as a magazine editor and newspaper reporter before debuting as an author in 1923 with his novel The Two-Sen Copper Coin. His major works include The Fiend with Twenty Faces and The Boy Detectives Club. Rampo’s other works in The Maiden's Bookshelf series include The Human Chair (Illustrator: Honojirotowoji) and The Man Traveling with the Brocade Portrait (Illustrator: Shikimi).

Illustrator, Yogisya:

An illustrator, who likes to draw girls and illustrators of the end of the 19th century and aims to create illustrations with a nostalgic and calm atmosphere. Yogisya's works include The Tatooer (Junichiro Tanizaki & Yogisya), Yonagahime to Mimio (Yonaga Princess & The Long-Eared Man) (Ango Sakaguchi & Yogisya), Fantastical Book Cover Designs of The Fairytale Antique Bookshop, and Illustration Making & Visual Book of Yogisya.

Yogisya’s comments:

A Brute’s Love was a truly eccentric tale and the protagonist’s emotions changed rapidly between joy, sadness, and suffering. On top of that, there were delusions which I needed to draw. I really racked my brain thinking of ways to translate that into my drawings. Ultimately, I created a chaotic atmosphere by blending Japanese and Western attire. I do hope you enjoy my artwork.

The Drawing Process:

Example 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
I based this off of my original work that I had previously canned. I continued the drawing with the idea of her emerging out of the darkness.

Example 2

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
I wanted to draw her like she’s drowning in butterflies, so I first made simple butterfly models out of paper. Since the butterflies are colorful, I used muted colors for the rest.

The Maiden's Bookshelf Series

The Tattooer
Junichiro Tanizaki & Yogisya

Yonagahime to Mimio
(Yonaga Princess & The Long-Eared Man)
Ango Sakaguchi & Yogisya

The Devil: The Maiden's Bookshelf Art Collection
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Sakutaro Hagiwara, Rampo Edogawa, Soseki Natsume, Junichiro Tanizaki & Shikimi

Human Chair
Rampo Edogawa & Honojirotowoji

The Man Traveling with the Brocade Portrait
Rampo Edogawa & Shikimi

From the anthology Poems of the Goat
Chuya Nakahara & Makurakurama

Tatsuo Hori & Nekosuke

The Heart of the Spring
William Butler Yeats, Ryunosuke Akutagawa & Honojirotowoji

From the anthology The Blue Cat
Sakutaro Hagiwara & Shikimi

The Ascension of K, or K's Drowning
Motojiro Kajii & Shirako

From the anthology Collection of Short Lyrical Poems
Saisei Muro & Gemi

In the Clothing of a Fish
Osamu Dazai & Nekosuke

Spring Riding in a Carriage
Riichi Yokomitsu & Atsuki Ito

The Magician
Junichiro Tanizaki & Shikimi

The Secret
Junichiro Tanizaki & Hiromi Matsuo

The Moon Over the Mountain
Atsushi Nakajima & Nekosuke

Love After Death
Kyusaku Yumeno & Towoji Honojiro

In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom
Ango Sakaguchi & Shikimi

The Moonlit Night and Spectacles
Mimei Ogawa & Gemi

The Red Dragonfly
Nankichi Niimi & Nekosuke

The Surgery Room
Kyoka Izumi & Towoji Honojiro

Ten Nights of Dreams
Soseki Natsume & Shikimi

Mandarin Oranges
Ryunosuke Akutagawa & Gemi

Hell in a Bottle
Kyusaku Yumeno & Towoji Honojiro

Motojiro Kajii & Gemi

Cherry Blossoms and Magic Flute
Osamu Dazai & Sawa Sakura

Cat Town
Sakutaro Hagiwara & Shikimi

The School Girl
Osamu Dazai & Kira Imai

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