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Cover image Title Author Publisher Released Date Open for
Visual Adaption
Inarijinjyano kitsunesan Akiko Higashimura, Machiko Machida Kobunsha Mar 2020
Akiko Higashimura, Machiko Machida
Mar 2020
Great trailers Akira Miyagawa Kobunsha Nov 2021
Akira Miyagawa
Nov 2021
Niban second Hamu Kobayashi Kobunsha Nov 2021
Hamu Kobayashi
Nov 2021
Downwardly Mobile Society Atsushi Miura Kobunsha Sep 2005
Atsushi Miura
Sep 2005
Carbohydrates Kill: The Bioscience of Low-Carb Diets Makoto Natsui Kobunsha Oct 2013
Makoto Natsui
Oct 2013
Amazing Insects Munetoshi Maruyama Kobunsha Aug 2014
Munetoshi Maruyama
Aug 2014
Ketones Will Save Humanity: Why Low-Carb Improves Health Tetsuo Muneta Kobunsha Nov 2015
Tetsuo Muneta
Nov 2015
Grooming the Samurai: Japanese Etiquette for Children Keishosai Ogasawara Kobunsha Sep 2016
Keishosai Ogasawara
Sep 2016
Ketogenic Diet Wipes Out Cancer Kenji Furukawa Kobunsha Oct 2016
Kenji Furukawa
Oct 2016
How to Make the Most Delicious Seasoned Boiled Egg: 100 Home Recipes for Solo Diners Hungry Grizzly Kobunsha Feb 2017
Hungry Grizzly
Feb 2017
A Bug-Catcher’s Adventures in Africa Koutaro Ould Maeno Kobunsha May 2017
Koutaro Ould Maeno
May 2017
Zero Focus Seicho Matsumoto Kobunsha Oct 2009
Seicho Matsumoto
Oct 2009
The Ryugatei Murders Soji Shimada Kobunsha Oct 1999
Soji Shimada
Oct 1999
The Name of the Game Is Kidnap Keigo Higashino Kobunsha Jun 2005
Keigo Higashino
Jun 2005
Initial Response Hideo Yokoyama Kobunsha Sep 2007
Hideo Yokoyama
Sep 2007
Tomorrow’s Memory Hiroshi Ogiwara Kobunsha Nov 2007
Hiroshi Ogiwara
Nov 2007
Strawberry Night Tetsuya Honda Kobunsha Sep 2008
Tetsuya Honda
Sep 2008
Fin and Claw Sayuri Ueda Kobunsha Jan 2009
Sayuri Ueda
Jan 2009
News of Lupin Hideo Yokoyama Kobunsha Apr 2009
Hideo Yokoyama
Apr 2009
Soul Cage Tetsuya Honda Kobunsha Oct 2009
Tetsuya Honda
Oct 2009