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Visual Adaption

Fiction: general and literary
A friendly CEO can destroy a company. Naohiko Ueno
Kodai Ando
Naohiko Ueno/ Kodai Ando Bookmark

Travel writing Travel maps and atlases
Learn with character illustration! Visual encyclopedia of the countries of the world Gaichi Ito
Mitsuru Ito
Gaichi Ito/ Mitsuru Ito Bookmark

Popular philosophy
BIG TALK Shinpei Sato
Steven Medeiros
Shinpei Sato/Steven Medeiros Bookmark

Parenting: advice and issues
Could you have scolded me better anyway? Naoki Yoshimura
Naoki Yoshimura Bookmark

Popular philosophy
A woman who is fulfilled will do well. -26 habits that will make men, money, and luck dote on you for the rest of your life.- Akiko Hartley
Akiko Hartley Bookmark

Business and Management
Don't try to control your subordinates. Nobutaka Ohira
Nobutaka Ohira Bookmark

Philosophy and theory of education
My child has finally stopped going to school! Ran
Ran Bookmark

Business and Management
Purposeful thinking that produces outstanding Hirokazu Yamanashi
Hirokazu Yamanashi Bookmark

Popular medicine and health Public health and preventive medicine
From the age of 70, you should change to a "nutritious" diet with ultra-simple cooking! Junko Shionozaki
Hidetaka Wakabayashi
Junko Shionozaki /Hidetaka Wakabayashi Bookmark

Family and health
87-year-old enjoys life alone in an old apartment complex Michiko Tara
Michiko Tara Bookmark

Industry and industrial studies
Zero-stress sales that you can start today. Katsuhito Kawai
Katsuhito Kawai Bookmark

My child is going through puberty. Please tell me how to get through it without getting frustrated! Kei Michiyama
Kei Michiyama Bookmark

Students will be able to learn on their own from elementary school! Akihiro Shimizu
Naoki Yao
Akihiro Shimizu / Naoki Yao Bookmark

Personal finance
How Minimalist Yuminyan makes money Yuminyan
Yuminyan Bookmark

Popular science Science: general issues
Learning Science Again -Physics- Hiroyuki Nagano
Hiroyuki Nagano Bookmark

Combat sports and self-defence
A man's determination Hideaki Yamazaki
Hideaki Yamazaki Bookmark

Children’s picture books Children’s / Teenage general interest: Art and artists Graphic novel / Comic book / Manga: styles / traditions
In an overpopulated village, an amazing 90-something who is ordinary but not ordinary. Kei Ikeya
Kei Ikeya Bookmark

Social groups, communities and identities
How to get away from parents you hate Takaaki Kawashima
Takaaki Kawashima Bookmark

Could it be that personality gets worse? Sota Shimozono
Sota Shimozono Bookmark

Semantics, discourse analysis, stylistics
Words that people will think you are "good at writing" just by copying them. Takuro Yamaguchi
Takuro Yamaguchi Bookmark